Wedding On A Budget, Part 1

When it comes to what the bridal party will wear, the bride’s opinion trumps everyone else’s. It’s the bride’s big day and her good friends in the wedding party need to remember that. But, that being said, there are plenty of ways to choose a bridesmaid dress that everyone will love.

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This is particularly important if you have a lot of weight to lose and and you know it will take you a while to get there. If you allow yourself a treat for every mini milestone, you will always have something to look forward to. Your treat could be anything from some “me time” in a lovely scented bath,or a new lipstick. Anything really that makes you feel good about yourself. Try to steer clear of foodie treats though, for obvious reasons.

Starting early to make plans for your wedding will ensure that you will not be stressed with last minute decisions and details. When you have all of your plans for your big day in order early, you can relax and know that your day will go off without any problems. After you have chosen the perfect place for your wedding and a party marquee, you may want to talk to a florist about ways to decorate and arrange items for your ceremony and party. Looking at pictures of other wedding parties may give you ideas for arranging tables, chairs and other elements for your event. Getting all of the details chosen early is an important element for having a wedding favors that runs smoothly.

There is going to be a wedding shower that your maid of honor is going to throw for you around this time. Make sure you make yourself available during this month. Most likely they will try to make this a surprise. Most likely if your maid of honor or one of your friends starts acting strange on a given day you won’t be surprised. Fake it. They’ll love you for it.

Generally, the bride’s parents play a pretty big role in the wedding (due to the fact that they normally foot the bill traditionally). Make sure you show them your gratitude and thank them for their support. Also thank them for any compliments they may have given you during their speech.

If your bridesmaids have kids, there are probably plenty of occasions when they are stuck at home. As a new bride, you may not be thinking about starting a family yet, so you may have a few hours to provide care for your bridesmaid’s kids. This will give the ladies a chance to get out and enjoy some alone time or a date night with their spouse. It is also a cost-effective way to thank them for their help in your wedding. You can pair babysitting services with a traditional wedding attendant gift, or simply give the sitting services if you are on a budget.