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San Antonio is a short three hour drive from San Antonio is you drive the speed limit. I usually cut about half an hour from there. It is the perfect weekend getaway within driving distance from Houston for adults or for a family friendly mini vacation. While driving down IH-10, stop in Flatonia for some barbecue because you can’t beat it and it breaks up the monotony of a rather uneventful and not very attractive drive. But, once you get there, San Antonio has a variety of fun things to do and it really is a pretty city. The Riverwalk is the ideal place for the adults to roam. I particularly enjoy doing a pub crawl along the Riverwalk and then stopping to eat at one of the many restaurants that may strike me at the time.

Let’s say you travel from Boston to Dallas. It may be cheaper to get two separate tickets. You could buy one ticket from Boston to Nashville and one from Nashville to Dallas.

One of the advantages of having trees is that it helps to clean the air. Not too many people are aware of this but it takes carbon dioxide from the air and it transforms it into oxygen. Basically what this does is it removes any pollutants. What you notice is that the oxygen levels in your area will be much higher if there are more trees. Evidence of this is seen in the rain forests. Many countries are now just starting to protect this natural resource.

Between the races, stay connected with GEICO Motorcycle AMA Pro Road Racing on Twitter and Facebook ; keep up with Daytona International Speedway via Twitter and Facebook as well.

If you’re not in great shape already, don’t get discouraged. It takes some time and effort to get into shape for ski season, but it’s possible to get there no matter where you are now. Here are some surefire techniques for getting your body into tiptop shape so you can get the most out of your ski getaways in York.

Necklace stand another jewelry Weekend getaways display idea that usually also carries bracelets as well and is always a great hit. There is a range of styles available to suit the theme you are after. It is great to create a jewelry display design that incorporates coordinated necklace and earring stands so making the choice what to wear is so much easier and faster.

Venetian Resort is located in Las Vegas. They have a mancation package is 1,500 square feet suite, private limo service, poolside massage, private poker lesson and VIP entry to dinner, clubs, etc. The cost for this package is $2,500 for nights for six nights. There are sightseeing tours with Maverick helicopters that fly over the Las Vegas strip, the Grand Canyon and anywhere else over the southwest United States.

From weekend getaways to international flight packages the newsletter saves you money on travel and doesn’t require that you constantly visit the airline website for the latest offering.