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Starting a college life is not easy. By entering college, you will face new situations that would be extremely different from any you have previously met.

Karate classes are a great way for kids with lots of extra energy or with issues focuses to burn off their extra energy. Kids at this age are often so hyperactive and so full of energy that it can be detrimental to other areas of their lives. With an activity like karate they have a healthy avenue to get that extra energy out of their bodies.

To be sure, our emotional state at any particular moment affects our actions, present and immediate future, in so many different ways, and I mentioned some of them in my recent post on defining emotional intelligence. Yet unfortunately, that’s often not the end of the story.

You should also scrutinize your child’s environment for reasons he might be feeling anxious or fearful. Middle childhood is a time of venturing into the new worlds of neighborhood and school.. Help him by discussing new situations together and even role-playing (“I’ll be you, and you pretend to be an older kid on the playground”), so he can figure out how to respond when he’s challenged or uncomfortable.

So the best way to deal with a defiant child is to undergo behavioral therapies. This will in time, solve your child’s problem and yours as well. It will generally focus on the child’s problematic thoughts/thinking or behaviors that may get rewarded (accidentally) within their environment.

Make a list of the top three concerns to you. Understand where you truly want to make changes, and then make efforts towards finding ways to change yourself in your everyday life. A lot of people want to lose weight, learn another language, or improve their social skills. Whatever it is you want to do, keep in mind that you are going to have to make efforts starting today. As soon as you write down what you want to change about yourself start writing down how you are going to actually do it. Then start making the steps necessary to become a new you.

Talk as well as listen. There’s nothing more attractive than someone who gives us their undivided attention, but take your share of it, otherwise she’ll see you as a doormat and lose interest. Set your ipod alarm if need be – it’s time for you to talk!

Shyness is a combination of innate personality, and insecurity. Your personality’s great. Insecurity isn’t. You get confidence by training, so get a coach. It’s not just for sports any more. They’ll put you through the drill and pretty soon you’ll be scoring like a star quarterback. Only where it really counts – your love life.