Tools Of The Ghost Hunting Trade

The rock hammer is probably the fossil hunting tool that most people imagine in the hands of fossil hunters. Carrying just a rock hammer is great for exploratory trips as they are light and can do a lot of work. Practice breaking and splitting non fossil bearing rocks with your rock hammer so that you are ready when it is time to harvest small fossils out of large pieces of rock. Can’t find a rock hammer in you area? Ask for a brick hammer.

PATTY: Yeah, because a lot of the very beginning was very, very real. I was so excited, and I thought, “Finally people can see what it is that I do!” Then it went on the indicate that people were messing in things that they should not.

Now, just in case you find some cracks appearing in the paint, it can be effortlessly solved too. Just do some good sanding and apply a fresh coat of paint on them. This retouch can keep them going for more years to come. When painting, the spray-type would do best. It can make your job a whole lot easier.

In my 2008 book – Sacred Dialogue – I have one chapter devoted entirely to haunted houses. In one Chicago story, I am sitting home alone late one night and I distinctly hear the sound of someone climbing my hardwood staircase to the second floor – very strong sounds that move in the same manner as someone walking up the stairs. I move to the stairway and, of course, no one is there.

Don’t be afraid to ask professionals for help. Woodworkers and butchers are usually more qualified in the art of sharpening than knife makers or collectors. Ask one in your area if they can assist you or provide you with some simple techniques.

He doesn’t see much of the world. He’s too focused for that. He doesn’t learn all the latest best drop away arrow rest and tricks because his world view is boiled down to just what he needs.

With a simple mission of trying to understand the “mysteries surrounding us,” this group has set up two ghost cams, although it’s not clear exactly where these cams are located. Check out their web site here, or go directly to their ghost cam page. They have two set up.

We made it down New York Route 17 away from St. Bonaventure University near Olean to our exit and found the mountain road that would lead us to the house. Two major anomalous events would take place before we ever laid eyes on the house. We would see and experience the ”ghost car” that Father Alphonse Trabold had talked about in his lecture – and ”something” would take control of our car and cause an accident on a dark and secluded mountain road that we would never forget.