Proper Estate Planning To Avoid Lawsuits And Complications

I think by now most of you have heard that there’s no inheritance tax or estate tax this year. So if you’re planning on passing away anytime soon, this would be a good year to do it – at least from an estate planning point of view. I’m kidding, of course. But in case you decide to take me seriously, you should know there’s even a gotcha buried in this “giveaway” law.

So the Lord Jesus turned a champion of religious law into a servant of grace. He would tell people everywhere that there is no way we can earn our inheritance in heaven, because that is God’s gracious gift, a gift which changes the receiver to become like the Giver, Jesus Christ.

Paul went his way. What happened afterwards from the time he arrived in the northern town of Antioch till he and Barnabas were sent out from there all their avocat insanité d’esprit journeys is told in the Book of Acts.

It is hard to imagine the sin of the whole world upon one man who knew no sin. God could not look upon the incomprehensible burden Jesus was heavy-laddened with. That’s just a peek of how dirty sin is to our Father in heaven. Still Jesus took that dirt upon his life and was obedient unto death. He could have called ten thousand angels. But Jesus was obedient till death. So never think that obedience is not necessary for a righteous life. Jesus knew that if he called upon the Angels with the power of the spoken word, Satan would win.

It was a hard time for Paul. How could the Galatians allow themselves to be deluded so easily, so soon? How could those people from Jerusalem go add things to the Gospel that the apostles agreed not to add? How could people meddle in with the beautiful plan God has for the nations?

There is a familiar song which connected the ‘blessing of Abraham’ with the blessings of Duet.28. It goes something like this, “Abraham’s blessings are mine, Abraham’s blessings are mine, I am blessed in the city, I am blessed in the field, Abraham’s blessings are mine.” Putting the verses to music does not creates reality, but it does serve to give the imagination a stage and props to envision any form of blessing that comes to mind. These inspirations give a false hope, false confidence, and false righteousness.

Even in America, Baal law reigns supreme. It will take the return of Christ to establish a truly just and fair society that rewards hard work and wise thrift without cursing it with unchecked accumulation of wealth that also destroys. In His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the earth. God speed the kingdom. Till then, be aware of the changes coming to the ‘death tax’ and seek wise council to preserve your children’s inheritance as best you can.