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NYC Brownstones Harlem – Living in Harlem

In Harlem There are lots of brownstones. Brownstones have always been a popular choice in New York City and many people are seeking to move into these homes. These homes come in all shapes and sizes, from duplexes to seven-floor townhouses that have elevator service. There are a range of prices as well! Get a taste of suburban living in the city by browsing for these picturesque homes to buy near you in the near future!

What is a brownstone mansion?

Brownstone mansions were in style in the 19th century, as well as some of the most famous people of the past have resided in the mansions. The mansions are typically three stories high, and include a an attic as well as a basement. The exteriors are coated with either granite or limestone. The style has seen a revival recently to accommodate those seeking a classic-looking home that is less expensive than a single family mansion.

Brownstones found in New York City

Brownstones are a unique New York City housing option. They are not like typical row houses. brownstones are attached dwellings that have three stories and a shopfront on one floor. Brownstones usually have a fire escape that is an external stairs to the upper floors. They are constructed outside the structure to provide security.

The history of brownstones

Brownstones are a form of residential structure that was very popular in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood in around 1900. The first was constructed by the architect Andrew Jackson Downing, who developed the brownstone in order to create “a continuously extending ribbon of town-houses” that would run through the city. Brownstones are distinguished by brick and masonry facades, fences on the boundaries of the lots, step-down steps and exteriors with earth tones. They became very popular with middle-class families because of the low cost, energy-efficiency as well as their modest size.

Why do we live in Harlem?

Harlem is an awesome area for those who appreciate art, culture and the past. The energy of the area is what makes it a wonderful place to live. Additionally, you’re located close to many popular cultural places like and the Apollo Theater and Studio Museum in Harlem.

What’s it like living in a brownstone?

Brownstones can be found with lots of character and charm numerous other homes don’t. This, in turn, will result in higher property taxes. However, the proximity to transportation, schools and culture makes it worth the cost. For example, you’re only 2 blocks from Central Park or 5 blocks from Columbus Circle where high-end shopping is situated.

The Brownstone price, and the reason they are so expensive

Brownstones in Harlem are quite costly because they are located in a great area that they provide. If you’re looking for housing or a method to invest the property, brownstones in Harlem are an excellent option. There is always traffic on the streets, making it easy to locate parking. Additionally, there’s plenty of restaurants and places to drink in the vicinity.


The blog has offered an overview of the neighborhood, and has also highlighted its positive aspects. It’s worth noting that the 1984 Harlem Renaissance caused an increase in cultural activity in Harlem. This blog post gives an overview of what it’s like to reside in Harlem and focuses on the degree of pride the residents take in their community.

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