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This is the EB1006 configuration of the Asus EeeBox Nettop PC. The EeeBox is basically a netbook computer without a screen and is intended for desktop purposes. Just like their siblings, the EeePC netbooks, there are a variety of versions of the EeeBox PC already on the market.

So how is it possible for you to watch online movies? Actually, there are already a number of sites today that are offering free streaming of movies. What you just need to do is to log on the site and load the online player and enjoy watching the movies.

Harry Meets the Sorting Hat: Let’s be real. Wouldn’t you cry if you got sorted into Slytherin? Or worse, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff? There was never a doubt in our minds. Gryffindor FTW.

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Surrogates is a futuristic voyage into a possible reality if we were to allow our scientific knowledge to overcome our humanity. Robotic surrogates are hooked up mentally to humans and go outside and perform the daily tasks while the real people lounge on a cot in a semi-conscience state. This is supposed to prevent injury and death but when surrogates start getting destroyed and taking out their human counterparts with them, an investigation ensues.

VIDEO QUALITY: You can connect the BD-C7900 video via the HDMI(ver1.4) Output, Component Video Outputs or the Composite Video Outputs. The best connection would be through the HDMI Output which can support both 1080p/60 and 1080p/24 output resolutions. Making adjustment to the images can be done through three preset picture modes or through a user mode which allows you to adjust sharpness and noise reduction. Samsung has included a feature called Screen Fit that automatically changes 21:9 aspect ratio to 16:9 aspect. This will get rid of those irritating black bars that crowd the TV screen.

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So, what exactly am I going to be watching? Eat, Pray, Love is the true story of Elizabeth Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts, who divorces her husband and embarks on a journey of self-discovery through eating in Italy, praying in India and love in Bali. Roberts plays opposite Billy Crudup, James Franco and Javier Bardem. The story of self-discovery is always one I gravitate towards because it is a constant and active part of my life. Maybe that is why I am so intrigued by the movie and the “fluffiness.” Hm. Maybe I should call my best friend and set our plans for dinner and a showing of Eat, Pray, Love.