Kitchen Accessories, Making Life Easier In The Kitchen!

Nowadays, cans are the most popular repository for food. A common complaint is the problem of opening the can. Sometimes, the can opener will just snap out of its socket before the completion of the task or it does not open the can completely or it can even be a source of injury.

You don’t need to be a wealthy wine aficionado to enjoy the best-tasting wine. Impress your friends with this gift idea – an affordable, easy-to-use wine aerator that will aerate your wine in a few seconds for a much better flavor.

If we don’t let illegals crush our borders, we are the problem! If Democrats, who have majorities in each house on the Hill can’t pass their agenda, clearly that is the fault of the minority Republicans! I mean Obama and lefties have informed us of that plenty, right? Yep, when ya hold legislative majorities, yet your own party runs from the agenda, well that is a clear sign Republican’s are the real issue. Pay no attention to public polling. Ya know, the literally thousands of polls conducted by respected polling firms that are unanimous that the public is majority against all this? Remember, they gotta be drug to it!

Bring back the bling: This is for the tarnished copper. Fill a 16-ounce spray bottle with white vinegar and 3 Tablespoons of salt. Spray the solution onto the copper and let sit briefly (about 2-3 minutes). Then rub clean and you have a shiny piece of copper.

Actually having all your serving and cooking utensils with bigger handles allows you to have an easier grip. With not having to squeeze your hands too tight on utensils, you can be more pain free from arthritis.

The under counter can opener works on the same principle as the manual except that the appliance does all the work. Instead of a handle you can turn on, there is an electric motor that turns it. It has a cord that you use to plug on the power. By simply pushing the button, the can is opened easily and quickly. There is a lever on the top front that you push down; then you can actually hear the can opener working. To stop, just lift the lever. But at the completion of the job, it will automatically stop.

You start to become aggravated and this is when the ugliness starts to come out, the snoring at this point is the stage we call (blow out your candles.) They start making the sound as if their trying to blow out a candle. You know it’s not their birthday, so you think to yourself what the heck are they doing. You lie there asking yourself why do I do this to myself. Why don’t I sleep on the couch. Why don’t I make them sleep on the couch after all it’s THEM snoring.

To the firefighters, electricians, road crews, police officers, radio announcers, county workers, utility crews, Red Cross, emergency relief workers, churches, and in general to anyone who did even just a little to help someone along the way during this disaster, thank you. You are an everyday hero.