Is Long Term Care Insurance Right For You?

Long Term Care and LTC insurance is an important issue for baby boomers, their parents and me. The reality of long term care is at the forefront of our minds because of the news and TV. We must ask ourselves what impact an unexpected illness or accident would have on our finances. What is long-term care who needs it and how much will it cost. Before we look at these questions let me share some fun facts about getting “older”.

Experience certainly helps. When a friend of mine started to work her home health aide salary was really low, however the contract she had with her employer guaranteed a raise each year due to her increased experience. When she finally left her job to search for another one her salary had gone up by $2 hourly because she already had several years of experience in multiple work settings.

Long term care policies are sold by independent insurance companies, usually in conjunction with a life insurance policy. There are no standardized versions of a long term care policy. Benefits differ from company to company. Some offer to pay a fixed dollar amount for each day you receive care. Others only pay a percentage of the cost, or a pre-specified dollar amount to cover the cost of services. There also may be waiting periods before the insurance policy is placed into effect. It pays to shop around and compare. Not all long term care insurance policies and companies are the same.

He then calls her to counter and she observes employee placing auto parts into box, then placing box on counter. David then tells her let’s leave. She asks why they aren’t paying and taking the box of parts with them. David explains it’s been deliberately left on counter so that, later on after store closes, someone can break into store and rob the parts. This way, Tamra will only have to pay half of what they’re worth. (Red Flag 10).

The Home Health Care industry is growing at a tremendous rate. Even with America’s ever slowing economy Home Care is still in high demand. Workers in the field of Home Health Care see this happening first hand. Instead of having Certified Nurses Aides come in home and do hourly care, Home Care sees an ever growing need for home health aide classes Live In Services. This puts outstanding stress on Home Health Care Agencies to fill not only the clients physical and mental needs but also the financial needs as well. Not all Home Health Care Agencies can support these demands of Live In Services. This kind of valuable service gives the client a companion for care twenty four hours a day, seven days a week at virtually half the cost of hourly Home Health Care Services.

Children need a curriculum that uses different learning strategies. Most importantly what we instill in our youth will be the seeds that grow when they become adults. Literacy is an important part of a child’s life. Especially, when they have a language barrier or difficulty expressing themselves. An example of literacy is being able to identify letters and numbers. Reading, writing and sight words. Reading to children on a constant basis expands there vocabulary.

Many people confuse Medicare and Medicaid. They do have similar names, but are very different programs. Some people are on both Medicare and Medicaid, but they are on them for different reasons. Medicare is for seniors and disabled people. Medicaid is for people with low assets and incomes.

The trick to finding and keeping a job today is to become totally necessary to an employer. Have multiple skills and volunteer to do more than what is in your job description and you will have an easier time finding work. Good luck!