How To Write News Articles For Your Local Newspaper – Four Things Freelancers Must Know

As a boxing scribe I am thankful for Floyd Mayweather. Despite a lack of formal education and his love and hate relationship with media, thirty four year old super star has never short changed us with material to write about.

Do you still purchase magazines! Join the modern age, and cancel those subscriptions! Read your news online! As for books – there are tons of websites with interesting stories and ideas to read about! Recipes, instructions, information, news, novels – all these and more can be found online, so instead of paying for more paper to line your bookshelves, read it online instead. Not only will you save the money for the item, but you will eliminate the need to store, clean, and get rid of it in the future!

So what do you do about those items that you can’t quite figure out where to store? Items like odd batteries and eye glass cleaner. I’ll tell you what not to do. Don’t buy a large rubber container and label it ‘miscellaneous.’ Obviously, if you don’t know exactly what’s in your miscellaneous bin, you’re only containing chaos in a smaller space.

Technorati has a cool feature called Technorati Watchlists. This allows you to search for whatever it is you want to search for. It is also one way people immediately know if someone links to them. The Watchlists have a RSS feed so you can get your searches via RSS feed.

Breaking News and Opinion on the Huffington Post. Founded by Arianna Huffington in 2005, this is a liberal azerbaycanda son xeber site, which features links to various news stories and columnists.

Don’t waste water on the lawn unless you are in some type of grass competition. No one is going to die if the grass turns a little brown! If you have some plants that have to be watered, save some water from your shower, use leftover coffee or tea (not after sugar or milk is added, however) and give those plants a boost instead of feeding your septic system!

Does it work? Well, the Journal makes money off it, and the staffers use the money to buy food so they can have dinner. Those page views aren’t very appetizing.