How To Screen Online Profile Pictures

If you haven’t noticed already social media is everywhere. There are so many websites and tools to take advantage of but which one is going to give you the most for your precious time. The one tool that has been a success for me is the FaceBook Fan Page. FaceBook allows you to interact with your prospects or clients through Fan Pages.

Integrate with Blog RSS Feed. You can integrate this fan page with your blog RSS feed or your website and ensure that it has a steady stream of content coming in for content hungry users.

Today – BOOM – you’re in front of a group of strangers, introduced by a leader, probably by name and/or company name only, and they expect to hear 30-60 seconds about you.

Bad boy and TV comedy sitcom star Charlie Sheen is no stranger to media attention. In fact, the troubled actor seems to get a lot of exposure for all the wrong reasons. Take his little episode this past Christmas in Aspen where he allegedly held a knife to then wife Brooke Mueller’s throat. See MSNBC’s news report here. Sheen was arrested and later posted bail.

The city is a house to Indian film industry and there are number of silver-screen stars, leading millionaires and high-Activity tracking society living in the city, which has resulted into happening night life. People are often seen dancing to the high watt music, with the drinks in their hands in pubs and bars of Mumbai.

Where are your finances focused? Is that emphasis an indication of where you want the focus? If not, how far off the mark are they? Are there ways to make some adjustments over time?

If they don’t respond immediately don’t give up. Some people take time to digest things or just want to see what happens with someone they are dating now. Leave an open-ended question to be answered later.

One final point to remember, the success of a classified ad is determined by the sales that are generated by the follow-up effort (the response information pack), not by the lead generating ad itself. It is important that you spend much time and effort considering the content to be included in your response pack, but that is another topic.