How To Implement Lean Manufacturing

I’m sure that when you picture yourself becoming a CIO in the future you see yourself sitting at the corporate strategy table with the CIO using your deep understanding of IT to help the company move faster and do more. Umm, one problem with that vision – you’re not going to make it to the big table if you don’t solve the problem of run-away IT costs. Johnson & Johnson’s CIO had this very same problem and she tackled it using the ITIL framework. Maybe this would be a good time to look into that ITIL thing…

If you buy a custom home, you will hire an architect. He will design the home to your specifications. You can then have your home built just the way you want it.

So could it be that by not doing your best and saying that you were is a lie? We know how we hate liars! Just ask a recent ex US President! They say lying corrupts the soul; it sure has corrupted our business world. From poor quality products to ENRON scale corruption. Can we turn over a new leaf? Can we take pride in our activities? Youbetcha!

If an industry is in transformation making process changes isn’t going to do much. It’s like Nero fiddling while Rome burnt to the ground. If we want to make huge transformations in our business we’ll have to focus on what we are ‘being’, in order to achieve the results we are focused on. In order to counter the threat of Apple IBM had to transform it’s business model. It had to be in the PC market. While it was in the Computer market generally it wasn’t at that point in the PC market. It had to cahnge the way it operated to counter Apple’s strategy and success. Or go away like many older businesses that could not transform themselves. No small changes there! IBM did and it survived to compete, and it’s still in the game growing stronger every day. COuld your organization do the same?

Teams charged with the development of new legislation? Increasing automation and instituting lean soluciones y materiales techniques? Maximizing system robustness? Make note of whatever it is about the job that keeps you enthused and energized, and keeps your eyes off of the clock.

The other way to do lean audio recording is the kind that will save you loads of time and money right from the start, and that is to build your recording set-up with the absolute bare minimum equipment. This is probably most effective if you’re just starting out in recording. The bare-minimum, in my book, is open source audio software, a PC with a sound card, and a cheap PC mic. That’ll cost most folks $5.00 or less! With just that set-up, you can produce useable audio, but most importantly, you can learn and practice the basics of recording, most of which are do-able in this set-up.

At first, I wasn’t excited about having to spend a day off touring a Siemens plant, but I really enjoyed the plant tour and I found it very interesting. I have seen the Siemens name around, but I never really knew what service they provided or what products they produced. It was very interesting to see the various products that they assemble and how well they have things organized. I was very impressed with Siemens and I found the tour to be very educational. It was great to see some of the concepts used in class used out in a real world environment.