How Life Inspiration Can Help Us On The Road To Our Dreams

It’s been twenty-five years since Zig Ziglar reminded me that motivation follows action. Twenty-five years later I don’t remember which book or tape the statement came from, but I remember the statement as if I read it, or heard it this morning. I think the reason that statement crawls in and out of my conscious thoughts is because it is so profound. Everything we hear and read about motivation is geared toward getting things started. Mostly, getting other people started.

The power of get smarter lies in pushing you to conquer your fears. Most of us are afraid of failure. We are not afraid to take up a task. We are just afraid that we might not be able to do it well. Self-doubt and low self-esteem lead to such an assumption. When you are truly inspired, there is no room for doubt. You know you have covered all the bases and have done everything to the best of your ability. Even if you fail at your endeavor, a truly inspired being will pick up the broken pieces and start over. Also, the valuable lesson learned from the undertaking will be forever etched in his memory.

Sometimes your motivation comes from seeing someone else’s actions. If you witness someone else either succeeding, or failing, often times that gets our juices flowing to go after the same excitement we feel when we hit the 300 yard drive, or sink the double bender for birdie.

This one factor affects human height growth. This is the reason why children needs a lot of sleep since the human growth secretion is larger when they are sleeping than when they are awake.

Nutrition is the most important component of every human in the world. Hence, it will have the biggest impact in man’s height growth. If your body doesn’t possess the necessary nutrition, your growth will become slower. The most important vitamins are the Vitamin D, phosphorous and calcium. Also, iodine and zinc are also comes as priorities. Without these mentioned elements in your body, you will surely end up with smaller than what you would expect.

When you have the right combination of the two motivations, you will be able to make your problems very small. In other words, you become bigger than the problem.

Determining where you want to go and understanding the all-important why factor as well as having access to practical tools, resources and support to help get you there (from start to finish) is what people really need to succeed. With this in mind, using a specifically tailored system to help you stay on track is the most beneficial tool one can use.