Give The Gift Of Gold: Why Gold Coins Are A Smart Investment Gift

Most people buy a new jewelry box and then try to organize their jewelry into it. This is the wrong approach. Instead you should sort your jewelry first, so you’ll know whether you need more necklace drawers or ring slots, more small compartments or large ones.

PUT FINANCIAL INFO IN WRITING. Write down the name of your bank, your account number(s), and the number of your Safe deposit box for sale if you have one. Give this list to someone you trust.

If you want something secret, always think ahead. Don’t tell anyone about it. Leave the key and instructions with your personal banker or someone you trust implicitly. Also think ahead! Leave death instructions in your box – just in case something happens to you. These can be written, or can be on a CD in video form. Your box will be opened after about a year or two of inactivity – if and when the annual fees don’t get paid.

Gather all your papers and put them in a pile next to your comfy chair where you will be sorting. Retrieve papers from the office, the car, your purse, the dining room table, kitchen counter tops, and every other place you have stashed your papers. You are creating one large pile of all the papers that need to be sorted and filed. Don’t let the size of the pile intimidate you. If you follow this plan, sorting will go faster than you may think.

Generally the best solution is to rent a safety deposit box in a reliable major, first class bank – not just a box company. Many banks will require that you also have an account with them and that withdrawals to pay the box rent be authorized in advance.

Not updating the Will: The circumstances of life change, sometimes rapidly. Serious illness, divorce, death of a spouse, adoption, birth of each child, moving from one state to another, receiving a windfall, getting married or remarried, fluctuations in asset value, and deaths of heirs can change what you wish to do with your estate. Update your Will annually, or at least review it annually to make sure needed updates are done.

2 Corinthians 8:1-16 is essentially a fundraising letter. The Christians in Jerusalem were having a hard time financially. In addition, they were being persecuted. In his travels Paul encouraged the members of the churches he founded to collect money to support their Christian brothers and sisters in Jerusalem. The Macedonian church was a very poor church, but God gave them grace, and in spite of their poverty they took an offering to contribute, and they did not expect anything in return. They were moved by the Holy Spirit to give and the Holy Spirit empowered them to do so.