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With summer just around the corner, we are all starting to look for things to do and places to go. Shawnee State Park is among the most beautiful parks in all of PA. The park is located on 3,983 acres in Pennsylvania’s Ridge and Valley Province, 10 miles west of historic Bedford off of Route 30.

Just 5 miles from Buckingham, enjoy the thrills of British Grand Prix at “Silverstone”. Watch the champions compete to see who the fastest driver is. You will also have the opportunity to see races between classic cars, motorcycles and more. If you want an even more exciting experience, why not try one of Silverstone’s famous “driving thrills or “driving experiences”. This is sure to be a dream come true for any race fan.

Even though buying wood pellets is costly, it’s still cheaper than buying heating oil for a season, for example. The actual cost of heating your home with a pellet stove depends basically on the cost of the pellets and how many you use in a season.

Let’s start with the car because that’s where you can get the biggest benefits. Let’s start with the best mod, a new motor. The motor that comes with you normal cars runs at X revolutions per minute (rpm’s from now on) but you can get fiske of the same size that run at up to Y rpm. So you can take out your old motor and put a new one in. Of Course the fast your motor goes the fast your car!

So is Daewoo GM’s great savior? Probably not. Although it may be GM’s most globally efficient subsidiary, the worldwide economic slowdown and high exports under the ailing GM names are hurting sales. GM Daewoo sold 24% more cars this April than in March, but sales are still off 46% from the previous year — the company is now asking South Korea for government assistance.

And don’t worry. There are still several ideas in the pipeline. I’ll be participating in the “Trunk or Treat” event at our church this weekend (weather permitting), and our ’63 Chevy C-10 will be donning its Mater costume. I’ll write a follow up on that later this week, and I’m sure you’ll want to see how that goes. Plus, there are all kinds of exciting new cars, cool old cars, and other automotive-related news that I’m dying to tell you about.

As the last track on Elephant Shell, “The Baskervilles” has some moments on it that stands out. The choiring moments by Tokyo Police Club is worth mentioning and appear on some parts of the song and never fail to create an impact on the listeners. They would go, “Alright, we tried to help…” As we get further into The Baskervilles, the track starts to pick up and the music just sounds as lively as ever. The guitar and keyboards work their way out here. Even nearing the end, Dave increases his singing tone and yell, “A toast to the last of a dying breed, they’re crawling back to bed, they’re falling back to sleep” to the end. A very strong finish by Tokyo Police Club.