Bee Behavior – The Lifestyle Of A Queen

The survival of a colony of bees residing in a bee hive is dependent on the queen bee. Without a queen bee the hive will ultimately die. The hives queen is the only female bee in the hive that has fully developed reproductive organs. The queen is not in control of the hive. Her soul objective is to lay eggs that will develop into bees that will fill other roles in the hive.

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Ideally, the swarm ought to be dislodged with a single strong shake so that they descend straight into the bee box. Nevertheless, bees might land someplace other than exactly where the keeper meant. Then it is necessary to scrape the bees carefully into the box. It is essential that the majority of the swarm be captured before the box is covered. If supplied with an chance, the remaining free bees should rejoin the swarm prior to dusk.