American Bullion Coins!

Generally speaking, there are two types of coin collectors. There is the rare US coin collector who has either been collecting coins since childhood, or there is the relative latecomer who got introduced to coins through bullion coins or modern coins.

Study graded coins and try to figure out why they were given that grade. If you can’t tell, show an expert. With experience and effort, knowledge will be attained and grading skills developed. The more you know, the better you can navigate the rare American coin market.

When it comes to collecting precious metals, gold coins are the most popular. Who wouldn’t be enticed to collect these kinds of coins? It is fun, educational and lucrative. Furthermore, collecting coins allow you to do something worthwhile during your spare time like joining private sales and auctions or hawking over negotiations. These experiences are very gratifying for many collectors. Aside from those, collecting coins allows the collector to share their latest addition of coins with their families and friends even telling the history behind these amazing collectibles.

When you collect by type, you can buy beautiful examples of the more common coins of the type of coin you’re collecting. Series collecting almost demands that you have every piece in the series to call the collection complete.

In passing, Roman soldiers were always male, had to sign up for 25 years and received a wage, a bonus and a pension. On the downside, they had to pay for their own food and contribute towards the horses and weapons.

If you wish to collect foreign coins as a hobby or to understand the history of a certain country, you need to make your research and explore further as there are many precious challenge coin maker circulating in different countries over the years. On the other hand, if you are rushing to collect because of its value you should understand that US gold coins are one of the least pure among the pricey types of coins and they only have .900 percent pure gold. Unlike some of the foreign precious coins like the Chinese Pandas and the Canadian Maples leaves that are .9999 percent pure gold.

Although gold coins were already in the works, the California Gold Rush put added pressure on the United States government to come up with more gold coins. Lady Liberty, the symbol of America’s fine past, was selected for the honor. Designed by James B. Longacre, the Liberty Head was the nation’s first $1 and $20 gold coins.

If the U.S. Mint avoids the problems that have surfaced with Gold Maple Leafs and offers gold bullion coin investors a strong alternative, then it has a golden opportunity to capture a big share of the .9999 fine gold bullion market. With the right planning, the Mint could shake the Maple Leaf’s hold on the .9999 bullion coin market.