2012 Goals Increase Fan Base And Sell Music

The music business has been forced to change its business model as a result of the internet. This in the long term is good for musician’s bands and artists as they have more control of promoting themselves online using the various platforms of web 2.0 and are not as beholden to record companies as they were.

The rules and strategy that we are going to tell can help even the worst marketer of music get the word about the new sound. The first thing that is important for every artist is branding. Somehow, it sounds like a full throttle business tactics. An artist should recognize himself as a brand if he wants to survive in the music industry. The fastest and best way by which you can brand your music is by offering experience to your customer. This could be a free compact disks or DVDs anything that gives an audience a taste of your melodies music. Doing shows and giving away your products at your shows can really help you move up the music promotion sites ladder.

The irony about social media and the internet is that it’s supposed to save you time, but in the end it takes up more time than ever to just get the word out about what you’re doing. So I’ve noticed this transformation of the present day artist. Some artists are so tech savvy and social media experts that they forgot to focus on being an actual ARTIST! If you’re an artist, business owner, musician, etc… take a look at your week. If you’ve spent more time on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, etc… than on your actual craft then you’re falling into a trap!

Think outside the PC. A website is vital to your growth and success, but in order to be successful, you have to start thinking outside of your personal computer. Some technology experts anticipate the PC to go away in the next decade or so, speculating that handheld devices will take over. You want to be ready for these devices as they grow in popularity. Get listed in the iTunes store. Start your own Smartphone application. Embrace any sales venue that allows users to download your music to an iPod or MP3 player.

Google – You can obviously pay for traffic on Google, but it’s really hard to make a profit so I’m going to suggest you use a process called “Search engine optimization” or SEO.

Mistake #3 – Not enough cash flow to support your music career. Like it or not, it takes money to build a music career. Even if other people/companies are paying for your record, tour support, merchandise, etc. you still need to have the freedom to pursue opportunities as they come. Sadly, many musicians miss opportunities because they can’t afford to take advantage of them.In addition to a decent income, you also need the flexibility of being able to take time away from that income source to go into the studio, go on tour, etc. That is why learning how to teach guitar is such a great way to achieve both if you learn how to become a highly successful guitar teacher.

YouTube is yet another tool in music promotion; you need to understand how to use it effectively so as to maximise your exposure level as well as attract millions of viewers. Most renowned music artist used this route to reach where they are, so if you want to make it too, try it out.