How To Create Free And Unique Content For Your Visitors?

Web content that is well written, has value and is meaningful works like gravity. It brings traffic to your web site design and holds them there. When a user finds something they think is cool and exciting on the web they tend to spread the word. This is a human nature that good advertising is built around: everyone wants to be the first to bring exciting new things to their friends. If the site offers nothing to hold their attention that user is gone.

If you hire others to write for you, set a high standard for them as well. Whatever appears on your website, reflects on your website as a whole. Allow a lot of low quality Compete with me and others here to appear and your website won’t impress visitors as a great resource.

If the SEO data writing provides value to the reader, chances are the articles and website will be linked to. When an article becomes linked to via back-links, it will gain popularity among the search engines. Additionally by having this unique content found, people will keep returning to these websites for more content to read on a regular basis.

I have written a post exclusively on blog carnivals which will provide more information than I possibly can here. In a nutshell, blog carnivals are a collection of links about a certain topic, that are published on someone else’s blog. You just need to submit the link to great content your blog post with a brief description. If you are accepted you get a one way link to your post, and sometimes to your home page as well. Best of all its free!

This is the tricky part. And it is where many writers, marketers and website owners go awry. The key in writing effective content for the web is that it should appeal to and have the greatest effect on the human reader first. Then worry about keywords and search engines. Believe it or not, that’s exactly what Google wants you to do.

You probably aren’t as good a writer as the people you would hire. When you hire a freelance writer you hire a professional, which means the quality of the writing will probably be superior to your own writing.

The obvious question that arises here would be how frequently does content need to be updated when hoping to see a positive impact on Google rankings?

It builds trust and brand loyalty. Create great content that people want to share, and they’ll help build your brand for you – and all at a bargain, because if you can write your own content it’s free!